It's all in your head

Here at Tech Soup we understand that not everyone learns in the same way, and so in addition to our training curricula, we also produce printed materials, published both digitally and in a fashionable dead-tree format.

Our current titles are listed below…

OpenGL on Mac OS X


Bob likes the Mac a lot. He might even be fanatical. Based on that enthusiasm for the Mac and for all things graphics-y, he realized that there just wasn’t a good way to comprehend all of OpenGL on the Mac in one spot. So he wrote a book. The book. If you have any questions about how OpenGL works on the Mac, this is the book to have. It’s all here, in one spot.

Now, to be fair, this doesn’t teach you OpenGL in general; that’s what the Red Book and our OpenGL Courses are for. But if you’ve got questions about details on how the Mac handles different drivers, OpenGL development tools (and there are some cool ones, seriously cool) or just how to start up a graphics context, this book explains all that Mac stuff. So if you’re doing OpenGL on a Mac, you want this book.
It’s a reference, a tutorial, and a dessert topping. Get it today.

OpenSceneGraph Reference Manuals

Bob also produces the OpenSceneGraph reference manual series. This is a set of books which the Tech Soup team use heavily in their consulting and development work. There’s lots of detail in them, and they’re largely a reference set, but they’ve each got a unique chapter or three detailing changes between versions of OSG, and describing detailed corners of OSG in-depth.

They’re nice books to have open on your desk as you develop with OSG. Check them all out at the OSG Reference Manuals Website.