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Tech Soup is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with offices in Chicago, IL and San Jose, CA. We were formally organized in 2008 to address the training needs we uncovered in the course of our shared consulting and training experiences. We areā€¦

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Bob Kuehne

Bob is the author of OpenGL on Mac OS X, the OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual series, as well as CEO, consultant, and chief bottle-washer of Blue Newt Software. When not teaching, consulting, or enjoying time in the backyard with his wife, Bob cycles and plays volleyball at a fourth-grade level.





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Alan Commike

Alan has been developing graphics software since before there was “Open” in OpenGL. When not teaching 3D graphics and GPGPU courses Alan can be found scrubbing recipes for Project Foodie and developing high performance embedded computing platforms for his company, QEDLabs. In the rare cases when Alan isn’t in front of a computer, he’s taking advantage of the Northern California offerings: backpacking, bicycling, skiing, visiting wineries and cooking with local seasonal ingredients.




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Alan Millman

Alan was a university professor prior to becoming a developer of software for children’s TV productions, developer of a Smithsonian-recognized surgical simulator, and president of Alan Millman Consulting. When he’s not working or spending time with his two kids, Alan searches obsessively for new restaurants and plays lead guitar in bands around Chicago.