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OpenSceneGraph Training Registration Open : Seattle, WA

Chicago, IL, August 3, 2010

Tech Soup announces open registration for its next OpenSceneGraph (OSG) course, October 5-7, 2010, in South Lake Union, Seattle, Washington. This class will teach students everything to be proficient in OSG in a 3-day intensive course. This course covers everything developers need to know to take maximum advantage of OpenSceneGraph from intermediate through advanced. We’ll also take a tour through VirtualPlanetBuilder so you can build geospecific, tiled, paged datasets.


  • Building & Debugging
  • Memory Management
  • Nodes
  • State & Lighting
  • Visitors
  • Viewing & Manipulating
  • Plugins
  • Optimization
  • Terrain
  • Data Tiling & Paging

This three-day course teaches the fundamentals of OpenSceneGraph. Developers attending the course learn the mechanisms behind effective development from scenegraph creation and manipulation through debugging & optimizing. Through instruction and labs, students build scenes and interact with real code from day one. The course is fast-paced, requires creativity and problem solving, and leaves users with a thorough immersion in OpenSceneGraph. Instruction is hands-on with numerous labs where students directly turn concepts into practical knowledge.

Students are required to bring their own computers. Supported platforms include Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. All attendees receive electronic copies of labs and example software.

For the latest information or to register for this OpenSceneGraph course visit

Training Details:

October 5-7, 2010

1100 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 100

Seattle, Washington, 98109, USA


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About Tech Soup:

Company founders Bob Kuehne (Blue Newt Software, LLC) and Alan Millman (Alan Millman Consulting, Inc.) formed Tech Soup to provide training and educational materials to the software developer community with a special emphasis on 3D graphics software development. The founders have been in the 3D graphics software industry for more than 20 years and involved with OpenGL since its inception, writing books, teaching courses, and working with Fortune 500-class companies around the globe. They remain active in the industry doing advocacy, development, consulting, and training. Contact Tech Soup directly for private course offerings, consulting engagements, or custom development opportunities.

Contact Information:

Bob Kuehne

President, Tech Soup Incorporated



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